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Cam Chain Tensioner Install Question


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I have ordered and now finally have on hand the following parts:


11 31 7 688 629 . cylinder tensioner, left

11 31 7 656 922 . piston left

07 11 9 963 308 . gasket ring left A18X22-CU


which from the recent threads here and on Advrider represent the latest iteration of the cam chain tensioner upgrade.


Question - It would appear to me that the small (movable) 'open' end of the plunger assembly fits into the tensioner housing and the flat, closed end faces the tensioner rail. Can someone confirm that this is correct?


Also, the illustrated .pdf instructions available on the Advrider site shows the new assembly consisting of three parts (not counting the gasket) instead of the two that I have. Was the three-part system detailed in the instructions an older solution or am I missing a part?

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Your assumption is correct about the part that goes against the rail.


The 3 part tensioner was the previous iteration of the fix (and much more $). You have the latest and correct parts. I did the upgrade to my R1150RS where the noise bothered the hell out of me, tho the dealer said TADT - now mine doesn't.

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I ordered the parts from Chicago BMW (www.chicagobmwmotorcycle.com). It took a while because there was a run on the parts but perhaps BMW has more available in NA now.


Installed them yesterday, a very straightforward job that only took about half an hour. The new tensioner quieted the camchain somewhat but a more significant improvement seems to be a possible reduction in surge. I need to ride in more varied conditions to be sure but I wonder if a slight variation in cam timing caused by some neutral-throttle flutter of the chain could have contributed to the surge I've experienced these many years? We'll see...

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Replaced mine two weeks ago with the updated parts from Chicago BMW. I initially didn't get mine tight enough and had an oil leak worse than it really was. Mitch rightfully pointed out that the copper washer requires more tightening to get it to seal. Did that and all is right again. My only complaint is the very cramped space to loosen tighten the cam chain tensioner.

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