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GS regular seats vs. GS Adventure seats, a few questions.


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While biding my time here in Kuwait I am pondering the nature of my future GS purchase. grin.gif I like the look of the 12GS but find the look of the GSA's very enticing as well. I do want to maximize pillion comfort without sacraficing utility. Maybe the seats are a key decision point. I'm wondering a few things:


Does anyone have some experience with both styles?


Is the Adventure one piece seat generally comfortable for the rider and pillion, vs. the two piece seats on the 'regular' GS which seem to be a bit more adaptable for the rider. It just seems there are more aftermarket options.


Doesn't the one piece seat limit the flexibility of the pillion position for alternate uses on solo rides (i.e. extra storage, aux fuel, cooler).


Is the Adventure able to accept the two piece seat without modification?


And finally does anyone know if the R12GS Adventure is going to have a similar seat?


With lot's of time to think here I'm sure I'll come up with plenty of other comparison questions to narrow the field. Thanks for the help.




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Couple of things anyway:


I think that there are actually more options with the 2-piece non-adventure seat. That being said, if you go with a true custom saddle you should be able to customize the rider/pillion sections however you need them. Also, I do not believe that a 2 piece saddle could easily be fitted to an Adventure.


I got the chance to sit on a R12GS-A last weekend at San Jose BMW (they were preparing it for the San Jose IMS show). I noticed, and commented to the owner, that they had gone back to the 2-piece saddle design on the R12 Adventure.


Finally, although we have not gone on rides which are significant in length, my SO likes the back seat on my 1150 GS-A, but she likes the one on the Corbin GS-A seat even more (especially since it has a back rest). And the Corbins are not too much coin (plus it is heated!).


Good luck in your ultimate choice, and thanks for your personal sacrifice in support of our freedom!



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Seats seem to be one of those things that depend on the individual. Having said that, I found the stock one piece seat on my 04 Adv to be a brick. I think the two piece seats have some ability to be adjusted which might help.


My solution was a Russell day long saddle. Ugly as all get out, but where i used to be in agony after 300 miles i now think 800 is just a good stretch.


Aside from its bizzarre appearance, the only caveat i'll offer about the Russell is mine increased the seat height by about 2" over stock.


Remember, seats, windscreens, gps etc. are mostly just add on stuff. Either bike will make you happy.




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The one thing I don't like about my GS Adventure is the saddle. Both for me and my wife.


When I bought the bike, I really wanted the regular GS seat setup as you could take the pillion seat off and use it as a gear platform. Plus it looked more comfortable for my wife than the Adventure setup. But the pluses of the Adventure (larger tank, better suspension, lower 1st and 6th gears, stainless steel break lines...) helped me get over the saddle issue and I bought the Adventure.


The saddle has turned out to be "okay" but it is on the list of things change. The options are:

1. Have aq custom saddle made on the Adventure seat pan.

2. Switch out the saddle and hardware from a regular GS. I know people have done this and I bet there is someone willing to swap parts as they might want the Adventure setup.

3. Live with it for another season and complain again next year. (it seems like I am really good at this). dopeslap.gif


Good luck with your decision and stay safe over there.

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Thanks all for the replies. I finally saw the 12GSA and think I may just keep stuffing money in my mattress 'till those get released in the US. However I'm kind of thinking that maybe they'll be a good, used, '06, 12GS in the Atlanta area about the time of my return. wink.gif


I think in the end, however it ends up, the two piece seat is in my future. I had a russell on the RT and loved it, and that one wasn't even made for me.


I'm sure in the next nine months or so I'll be able to get it all figured out.


Thanks again,


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