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Center Stand Corrosion Warning.


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Maybe this has been covered before, but here goes anyway.


Traditionally, BMW has made their center stands from steel tubing (although this may have changed in recent years). These stands are subject to internal corrosion and consequent weakening. To counter the problem, BMW always put a pair of rubber plugs to cap the ends of the tubes and prevent water entry.


Unfortunately, the plugs get beat up with time and start allowing water to enter. The result can be rather nasty as I found out a few months ago! I was putting my old K100RT up in the center stand and suddenly ...BANG! The left leg of the stand (together with the foot lever) broke right off!


Before I realized what had happened, the bike went right over on the concrete on its right side, crunching the right fairing panel and mirror. DAMN! I had just repaired the fiberglass and repainted all the tupperware 6 months earlier!


So remember to check the rubber plugs to be sure they are in good shape (or even there). Otherwise the results can be costly! I just picked up a quart of catalysed primer, catalyst and a gallon of reducer to for repainting, and this stuff alone cost over $150 Canadian ....and that doesn't include the cost of the Glasurit "Diamond Grey" color coat that will be at least that much again. @#$%^!!!



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