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Gerbings Switch


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Earlier today as it started to rain I began to wonder if my on/off switch and system for my Gerbing jacket liner was suseptible to damage if it gets wet while being used. What's the wisdom of the Board? thx...

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Probably not. In reality it is just a 120v lamp cord switch and is pretty robust and simple inside. It would take a lot of water, like submerged, before you would short it out. I suppose for to avoid long term corrosion of the contacts to wouldn't hurt to shake any water out of it at the end of the day.

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I ride all the time in the rain, and Grebings in made here in the land of rain... I just had to replace a switch. Damm thing only lasted 9 1/2 years! You just can't get good parts that will last any more!! grin.gifgrin.gif


My switch is mounted on my bike... really its no worries!

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I assume you mean the temp controller - Gerbing's claims and my experience has been that it will be fine in all weather. See here > http://www.gerbing.com/divmc/tempcontroller/port.html
Well he said "on/off switch" so I assumed he meant the large brown clunky on/off switch Gerbing sells.


Regardless I suppose, the on/off switch is pretty tough, and the variable temp controller is designed to be water resistant.

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