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roadside assistance claims = higher insurance cost?

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Not so far, they are too busy watching my speeding tickets accumulate.


I have used AAA twice in the last two years but don't know if it effected my rate or not. The only vehicle I am currently insuring is the Blackbird and that for liability and bodily injury only. Uninsured is too expensive, comprehensive is rediculous at over 700 bux.


It wouldn't surprise me to see this, though how they would correlate frequency of need for road side assistance with rates, I just flat don't understand.

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Whooo! If ever there was an entity that got me all fired up... it would be Insurance Companies.


Did I misunderstand that point of the article, or am I just confused? I thought that what they were saying is that if you have "Company X" as an insurance company, and that you're paying for Roadside Assistance / Towing Service THROUGH "Company X".... THAT information is reported to the CLUE database and could be cause for raised rates and/or dropping coverage.


(And that third party providers, such as AAA, etc., have no hooks into the CLUE database)


I agree w/ the one response there regarding the culmination of factors for the "less wealthy". (That their low credit rating gets them higher insurance premiums, that their unreliable car gets them more roadside assistance calls, which raise their rates, that their low income neighborhoods raise their rates, etc.) Sucks.

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It's just another data point for the insurance companies. They're all about the statistics. The statistics are probably telling them that people who make multiple roadside service calls in a year also have more accidents or somesuch. At least that's vaguely within the realm of driving and it is claims against their policies, how about when they charge people more for having poor credit ratings?


The one time I tried to use my roadside assistance with my car policy I was horribly dissapointed. I expected a AAA type experience where you call an 800 number and they handle dispatching, paying for the tow and you just sign on the dotted line. Instead they asked me where I was and gave me the numbers of several tow truck companies in the area that I could call and they would reimburse me for. So it's not exactly roadside assistance, its just breakdown insurance, bleah. I ended up calling a friend to come give me a jumpstart ;)

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yes, I ran into that. And I wasnt even the one that had the roadside assistance claim!!


When I rernewed this year, I got a letter stating that information about a claim was used in setting my rate. No claims in 10 years from me, so I called the number to get the report. Get it in about a week, and its my DADS tow claim, he has insurance from the same company.


My actual rate hadnt changed, but the fact that my dad had a tow, was reported and could have made a difference .

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It wouldn't surprise me to see this, though how they would correlate frequency of need for road side assistance with rates, I just flat don't understand.

A lot of auto insurers provide towing services as part of the policy, for example after an accident. So it's just another entry in the debit column that they're assessing how much of they'll be on the hook for.

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