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Towing a K1200RS


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How do you tow a K1200RS behind a car - without a trailer and with the front wheel on the ground. I have to cross a desert with a car and wondering how I could tow if I have problems?



2000 K1200RS Pacific Blue

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If you're really concerned, rent a trailer. That way you only have one vehicle to worry about and can carry extra water, etc... on the trailer.

Don't think I'd want to tow a motorcycle with a strap or chain while riding it. Too much of a chance to fall down or tangling the tow line w/wheels if you lost the tension and had slack.

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You COULD tow. YOU hold the rope, with NO attachment WHATSOEVER to the bike. Travel slowly.


Understand that we cross the desert all the time in the US, with 150 miles between gas stations. A serviced K1200RS should have ZERO problems - baring you have <40,000 miles on the rear drive's crown wheel bearing, and even that is only a hit-or-miss thing.


Carry two cans of "flat fixer" and a cigarette lighter air pump.


Ride in front of the car so YOU can clearly see any obstacles.



Best wishes.

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