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Signal Minder and Battery


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Over the weekend I installed a Signal Minder on my Bike. Monday morning I tried starting my bike and I found a dead Battery. frown.gif


Has anyone experienced an Issue of this nature, related to signal minder install like this? Or could this just be coincidence?

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We didn't have any issues when we installed the Signalminder on Lisa's RS. But I also don't believe in coincidences.


I'd suggest you charge the battery, take the signalminder off, leave it over night and see what happens. If it's dead, recharge it, reinstall the signalminder and check again the next day. That should tell you for sure if it's a problem with the unit, or if it's something else.

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We are on the same wave length for the diagnostics. I had it on the charger on all day and when I got home reinstalled the Delphi original back in. Now it is wait and see and swap back to signal minder later on. Nothing like being dressed for the commute and no bike to ride, lucky it was on the home portion of the commute tongue.gif


Thanks for your feedback

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The flasher module has voltage to it at all times so the emergency flashers will work with the key off. So it is certainly possible that a defective module (Kisan or other) could take down the battery.


That being said, if true here it would be the first time I've heard of it with a Kisan unit.

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Thanks for the feedback on the Signal Minder module. I have placed back in the stock module for now with no problems today. I’ll swap back to the Signal Minder over the weekend and see the results.

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