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BMW oil chants


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In addition, there is a new training program for the BMW technicians that will incorporate chanting, meditation, and multi-tasking. It should lead to the replacement of all diagnostic computers at dealerships.


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Maybe if I start listening to Ravi Shankar while burning incense around my bike I may get an accurate reading without infringing on BMW's intelectual property dopeslap.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Just a note -- the RT's oil is really easy to check, and the sight glass works well -- unlike some other bikes I have owned. The point of the original post was just to poke a little fun at the worriers who don't realize the huge margin for low-oil error on these bikes. Hey, don't even worry about the centerstand -- if you can see oil when the bike's on the sidestand, don't worry. If you can't, then add some!

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