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brake bleed question


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I have a 2007 1200rt. Brakes bleed looks simple enough but I thought under tank is a control or abs box to bleed also. Did search and can't find.Is it really just the front and back bleed out of calibers? Thanks.

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Afternoon Frank


Your 2007 has the I-ABS- gen 2 non servo brakes. Those are bled just like conventional brakes are. That is just fill the master cylinders & & keep them full while you bleed at the wheel calipers.



That under tank bleeding is for the earlier I-ABS (servo assist) systems (wizzy brakes)


A few things to keep in mind when bleeding your I-ABS gen 2 system:


**DO NOT run the system out of fluid. That gen-2 system is a real pain to get the air out of if you allow it to run low on fluid.


**To do it correctly you really should pry the brake caliper pistons back into there bores & shim them there during the bleeding process. That leaves less space behind the pistons for old fluid to remain in when bleeding. It also makes it easier to fill the master cylinder to the proper fluid level when done. Personally I only do this on systems that have gone a long time between bleeding. If you bleed every year then no biggie if all the old fluid doesn’t come out at bleed time.


** On the rear cylinder fluid reservoir make darn sure you remove the rubber cup under the cap. If not careful that rubber cup will remain in the reservoir so you can add fluid on top but it will allow the actual fluid level to go dry under the rubber cup.


**This is not in the manual but something I personally do--

On the I-ABS gen 2 system the rear brake IS servo controlled when using the front brake lever. That means the rear brake has a dual apply control system (rear pedal & front servo). SO, when bleeding the rear I first bleed as normal, then lock the caliper bleed screw down, then turn the key on (do not start engine). Then rotate the rear wheel with my foot & apply the front brake lever (you will feel the rear wheel lock up when applying the front brake lever). That cycles new fluid through the rear servo system. I then turn the key off & re-bleed the rear brake (again) as normal using the rear brake pedal. If you bleed every year then probably not much gain doing this but if the system hasn't been done in a while it gets the old fluid out of the rear servo.


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Thank you so much for the response. I just bought bike and it has been two years since last bleed. Bike only went 3,000mi.since but time to flush. Will be way easier than my 2004 rt.

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