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RAM mount for Handlebar Mounting Bolts


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I have seen pictures on the forum of a RAM ball mount that goes into the handlebar mounting bolts. I was wondering if it was handmade or were they sold somewhere.

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I believe this is what you're talking about. It's a longer bolt with spacer that allows a ram ball to be mounted to it. There's some other options at this site as well. Touratech

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What size screw/spacer & where can I get one.



Not sure if you understand how the posts work here but some of the information above contains hyperlinks (blue text). Click on the text to open a link to the information you're asking about.

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Morning Snoopy


Personally on the 1200RT I like the Ram RAM-B-272U ball mount best as it sits at a good angle & looks better than the straight arm lever ball mount.


As to the spacer? I make a stainless steel spacer then use a longer stainless steel allen cap bolt.


Lacking the means to make your own on a lathe you can drop by a plumbing store or hardware store & pick up a 3" long (1/4 pipe) brass pipe nipple then cut the center to any length you need using a hack saw.


The brass won't rust & you can't see much of it under the ball mount anyway. (you can always paint it silver or black if you want)



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I used the B186 from whitehorse. You get a bolt through ball base (no metal bracket), 3 M8 bolts (55, 60, 65mm) the medium length arm and 1 diamond base to fit most holders. You just remove 1 handlebar bolt and install this in its place. Very clean install, just the ball when the GPS is off. It cost $29. plus the cost of whichever holder you need for around $10.


It works great with or without a tank bag.

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