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Replacing cam chain rail question


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Hi I guys I'm new here and could use some help.

I bought 03 R1150RT-P and while my buddy and I were upgrading left cam chain tensioner, we found out both top and bottom rails were shattered. Is there a way to replace both tensioner without taking the engine out of the bike and splitting the engine? I was told some people done slotting the rail but can't find guide or pics of it.

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated as I really love my bimmer but can't afford $2k to have dealer to fix it.



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Morning Jin


To answer your question-- yes there is a way to go in there & use a cable saw or chisel then cut or break the old chain rails out then cut slots in the new ones & install that way.


I haven't ever done it that way as first off you end up with broken pieces or saw filings in the crankcase & secondly the rails that contact the hydraulic pistons only sit on one pin so if you slot that one pin hole the guide rail just sits in there pretty well unrestrained. Probably not a big deal as long as the chains stay tight but with slots in the guide pin retention area the only thing that holds the guide rails in is chain tension. Probably have to remove the trans to get to the accessible pins anyhow.


To me just not that much more work to do it correctly especially on a high mile engine that could use some other internal work or checking.


I have heard of a few doing it by slotting the rails but have no idea on how long the repair actually lasted or of other problems down the road.


You might go poke around over on Adventure Rider. At one time there was a full posting with pictures but I think somehow it got lost in the web site update.


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Thank you for the help guys.

Since I don't have the fund nor tools (nor skills for that matter), we are going to try and give slot method a shot.

I was really contemplating just parting out the bike but I worked very hard and love the bike too much to just let it go. Thank you for the link Mark. That was great help.

Wish me a luck.



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Eckhard Grohe

If you use a chisel to break off the guide make it our of brass or aluminum which are harder than plastic and will not scratch the pin.

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