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Centerstand seem loose...


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Long story short, last year I had to fix a broken centerstand on 99 R1100RTP. A friend of mine welded the broken foot peg(?) part back on and it works well.

After I re-installed the centerstand, the bike seems like it is loose on the centerstand. Maybe I'm more sensitive but when I put it on the centerstand, it seems like there is more wobble or side to side play. It just doesn't feel very stiff on the centerstand. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it but when I pull it up onto the centerstand, it seems like it sways, slightly, front to back.


As always, I appreciate your comments and helpful suggestions.

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Yes, and sorry if I wasn't clear earlier but the centerstand issue is when the centerstand is supporting the motorcycle.

When I put the bike on the centerstand, it just doesn't seem super stable. Almost as if I could twist the bike, side to side on the centerstand and it seems very wobbly.

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Your pivot pin o-rings might be shot. This Pelican Parts forum thread I posted helps illustrate what I'm talking about. I ended up buying new o-rings plus non-reusable frame bushings to reinstall the OEM center stand on my R1100S (your bush sleeves are likely fine).

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

If the fasteners are checked out as tight, it might just be a geometry issue with the repaired weld. The foot lever could just be in a different position.

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I agree with the guy above. I was putting my 100RT on the center stand and the part YOU stand on to get the bike up broke off. The bike went east I stood there amazed. No dammage to the bike. I welded the foot back on. Now the bike just balances fore and aft. Leaning back its pushing on the foot.


If your foot was welded on too far down (low) the bike could be trying to rest on the wrong part of the stand. This would make the whole bike sit odd and not be too stable.


Take a closer look when its on the center stand and see.



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The "tab" on old Airheads is NOT for use in lifting bike onto centerstand--it's for lowering/raising the stand only.

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