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99 R1100RT tires recommendations


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Need new tires for my RT have been running Continental Conti Force for the last 9 years have been pleased with them however can no longer get the front in 120/70 size and I looked and looked. I know I'll get all sorts of feed back on this question as we all have our own riding styles and opinions. I ride 10K+ a year here in upstate NY and don't do as much in the twisties as when I was younger. have been getting 7-8K life which I don't consider to bad given how I ride. Thanks for the feed back in advance.

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Matt, Kazoo

I've been running Pirelli Angel STs. The first set gave me only 8K miles but I was running the pressures at 37/41 one-up. The current set has 9K already and looks like another 1K is possible but will definitely change them before the Curve Cowboy Reunion in August. I've lowered the pressure to 35/37 one-up and 37/40 two-up. They are also the quietest tires I've ever used. And relatively inexpensive.

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All the tires I have tried have been fairly safe but some have pretty low mileage. I have liked PR2s, 880's, and Ravens the best (about 10,000 miles and no problems). Some lower and higher priced tires, not all, have been very low mileage (5,000 or less) and or slippery for me. 5,000 mile tires mean that you are often changing tires in another state and getting hosed by the local dealer ($350 the last time for mediocre tires that were also low mileage tires so I got "fastened" again). I have used Conti Force tires and got similar performance to yourself so you can do better probably.

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Try the new Conti Road Attack II's...... :thumbsup:
+1 I have used them for the last 6K miles, and find they compare very well for feel.handling and wear with the Bridgestones I have used previously.
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Love the Pilot Road 3's! Makes the bike feel lighter and great feedback.



+1 and they have been the longest-lasting tires I have ever used.

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Another vote for PR3s. I get great mileage out of them and the handling is so good that I put a pair on my Ducati before my last track day.


You may not do as much twisty riding as in the past, but it sure is great to have a tire that is up to the task when you want/need it.

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Morning kbgrnbmw


If you are happy with what you have been using you can probably find another if you look hard enough.


About every rider has their OWN likes & dislikes when it comes to motorcycle tires. Some like one brand & hate others while the next rider thinks the hated brand is the best tire ever for their roads & riding style. I fall into that mold as I just don't like the new PR-3 on any of my motorcycles.


Try the link below---


Conti Force

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