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Help with Opera Browser


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I have tried to get support for this on the opera website but because of the problem i have I cannot join the site.


I have just recently downloaded opera 12 browser. The problem I am having is that when I go to any of my websites which require me to sign in with a user name Opera selects a the wrong choice and the only way i can input the user name i want to use is to delete the cookies for the page. As an example if i type u since usa was once used by Firefox in an address USA will come up as a choice and i cannot type anything else in.


I have tried clearing all private data and done a Google search but can't find any solutions. This has stumped me. Any ideas anyone?

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Sounds like an auto complete bug in Opera. I'd suggest exploring the preferences screen, and seeing if you can figure out where to disable autocomplete.

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I haven't upgraded to Opera 12 yet. But in Version 11, in Tools, Advanced, Password Manager.. you can delete the list of sites where Opera thinks it should be allowed to store passwords. Have you tried deleting those sites?


I use another password manager, so Opera doesn't store passwords for any of the sites. But it still maintains a list of sites where I've logged in manually.

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I found the autofill in the preferences and all the info it is accessing is right there only for auto filling a form. Only problem is it is using this whenever I use a search bar or input a user name. I deleted everything in the autofill and will give it a try.



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Under the preferences dialogue (CTRL + F12), select the Search tab. There is a check-box to enable auto-suggestions on search entry - try unchecking that box.



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Ok, now I think I understand how they are trying to manage the auto fill feature. It looks as if you can edit the pages individually with this feature, if so very slick. So far I am really liking opera but it is very different from FF or IE. And much faster too.


Thanks for the help.

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Opera has been my default browser for years. It was the first browser with mouse gestures which I still use everyday. Heck I remember when I used to have to PAY for the Opera Browser.....

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