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Two feeler gauge method still applicable?


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I was talking with a service writer at the local BMW dealer about checking valve clearance on camheads. He told me that the method of inserting a feeler in both valves (intake or exhaust) was the appropriate way to do it. I'm familiar with this for the hexheads but the pictorial provided by San Jose BMW doesn't mention or show the use of two feeler gauges. Any thoughts regarding who is correct?

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Evening Dave


I guess I don't know what would be gained by trying to use 2 feeler gauges on the camhead engine valves. In fact trying to use 2 feeler gauges would take some of the concentration away from the valve you are working on.


The cam head doesn't use a common lifter or common rocker arm for both valves like the oilhead or hexhead so using 2 feeler gauges on a camhead would be like using 2 feeler gauges on 2 separate engines at the same time.


I bet you haven't EVER heard of someone suggesting 2 feeler gauges being used on a 650 KLR.


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