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Dirtrider is always there to save the day!


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We all appreciate your sage advice when our bikes are working less than ideally. I know I speak for others when I say that we all appreciate your dedication, wsidom and knowledge. Thanks,



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roger 04 rt

+1 on that. Especially the effort to create clearly marked photos from pages of the various manuals. That's so helpful but very time consuming.


There are several other regular contributors too and we are indebted to the as well.

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Shiny Side Up

DR is a fantastic resource for all who read his posts and has much more than a "working knowledge" of BMW motorcycles.

It is my personal opinion that his mechanical abilities are second to none.

I wish he were my neighbor - although I'm sure he's glad he's not!! :wave:

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My DR epiphany was back in January when I had put my RT back together after replacing the clutch. It wouldn't start. I described the symptoms, and DR replied 24 minutes later: "Check the #3 fuse for power on BOTH SIDES with fuse in place."

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:thumbsup: Another +1


He/(she?) is quick to reply to one and all, with very thorough responses.


And Thanks to all who share their knowledge.

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I learned a lot from dirt rider here. I am a 30 year mechanic.



David R raises a beer to Dirt Rider :/


edit, thinking of him as I assemble my R1100 RT. Should have it running tomorrow.

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Everytime I see something written by DR, I take the time to read all the messages.


Thanks a lot DR for your help.

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Let's hope he doesn't decide to move to a Kawasaki, Honda or Duc. I have found over the years there is at least one fall back poster at all the forums of which I am a member, and it's nice to have one like DR here, as I am not new to motorcycles, but am to my RT, I read most all posts and look forward to good info being there...dd50

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I'd like to add my thanks to the chorus. It's folks like Dirtrider who make this place what it is. I am continually amazed at his expertise and patience. He's a real gentlemen.


The generosity of all the members here causes me to heave a great big sigh.

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Galactic Greyhound

Dirtrider and all the other helpful posters here are the modern Good Samaritans. We could all view a post and think "I'm glad that didn't happen to me" and then browse on. With such people taking the time to help strangers the world becomes a better place.


Thank you.

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Ah, I think he is just a show off!

Seriously, You cannot help to admire his knowledge and patience which he generously shares with anyone who seeks help on here.I have also greatly admired his restraint when a few have tried to bait him into petty arguments and debates. I am sure he is a giving person in the other aspects of his life, and we are very lucky to have him

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Bruce (Bedford)

+ another, & the first voice from England

DR is always 'must read'... but as he/she(??) will be the first to say he is amongst others - thank heavens!!


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