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Carlisle PA to Kingston ONT and Back


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Had to attend a conference in Kingston this week so my boss and I decided to ride. Split the ride up over two days, doing north central PA twisties and overnighting in Geneva, NY on Seneca Lake. The next day took the Cape Vincent Ferry to Wolfe Island, then the Wolfe Island Ferry into Kingston. We came back across the Thousand Island Bridge, stayed on I 81 to Cortland, NY then cut over and picked up Rt 15 in Williamsport, PA. (Or at least I did--my boss was in the lead and missed the I 81 exit, so I rode the rest of way alone). Stunning weather both ways--too hot for my Roadcrafter, but fine in a perforated leather.

















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Nice! The lighthouse at Cape Vincent has an adjacent house that used to be the lightkeepers house. Recently is has been used as a backpacker's inn. I'm not sure if it's still operational but always thought it would be a neat place to stay. Did you get a chance to walk Kingston? Your choices of entering the city and re-entry to the U.S. was the best of both worlds. How were the border crossings?

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It's kind of interesting that when I first started riding four years ago, the only people I rode with were my boss on his Ultra, who was on this trip, and my neighbor on a V Rod. Now my boss seldom rides with me because I go too fast and my neighbor won't because I ride too far.


On this trip, we mostly let my boss lead to keep a pace he was comfortable with. He did note that normal people speed up in straight aways and slow down in curves, while I do it the reverse, at least where there's a chance of speed traps. Otherwise I don't slow down much at all.


Letting him lead worked until the trip back until he missed an exit and I stayed on the route. I later found out that he came back looking for me but after waiting a bit, I'd gone ahead. So we ended up riding the same route but with me about half an hour ahead.


The crossing into Canada on Wolfe Island took about ten minutes. My boss, who was in front, got grilled but the officer just ask me a couple of questions to cross check our stories. Combing back at the Thousand Island Bridge was easy because we both have Department of Defense stickers on our bikes, my boss has a colonel decal, and we both were using official passports.


In both instances we turned the bikes off and took our helmets off, but they didn't search us or anything.


I walked around Kingston a bit just going to dinner and a reception at Fort Fronteac. The Canadian Army had some fine oysters on the half shell and I must have eaten two dozen. I'd been there a number of times before, but this was the nicest weather.


This was the view from my hotel window:





I also exhausted the warranty on my bike around Syracuse on the return. (I jot it July 2010).


When I got back, my wife had a thousand yard stare and here first words were, "Take your dog." Since she was referring my my ten month old, 90 lb Doberman ball of perpetual energy, I had no idea what she was talking about.


Next up is fun. I haven't had a vacation since Christmas 2010 so the weekend before July 4, I'm planning a three day ride on Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, Route 16 through SW Virginia and West Virginia, and then returning through WV, MD, and PA.

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