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Adjusting levers on an RS


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It must be the sport-biker in me, but I like my foot controls and levers low. I just bought a 94 R1100RS, and adjusting the foot controls was easy. But I loosened every screw on the lever assemblies and could not get them to rotate lower.


What the heck am I doing wrong? I've done this on every bike I have ever owned and it is always just a couple of screws.

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Morning rd400racer


I presume you are talking about the Left & Right hand levers? I'm not sure on the 94 R1100Rs but a lot of that era BMW's had the control's pinned so they wouldn't rotate. You might take it apart just a bit farther & see if the controls are pinned.


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Thanks D.R. That makes sense, but I find it odd considering how adaptable BMW's seem to be. The positioning isn't horrible now but they would be perfect for me about 15 degrees lower.

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