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Handlebars to the left?


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Did a search with no success: when the bike is on the center stand and I turn the handlebars to the left, my tail lights go off!! Turn the bars back to the middle and all the way to the right and... kazaam the lights are back on!


I'm aware of "handlebars to the right" and increased RPMs issues (DAMHIK), but I though the left side was immune :)


Any ideas?



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Electrical problem.

Cut off the right handlebar cable ties down to the steering head, but start at the top handle one first, and try each time.

See if the light will come on permanently or do the opposite by staying off.


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Afternoon janoc1


That is usually a sign you have broken wire in your wire harness.


As Alfred said it is usually in the wire harness where it runs next to the steering head at or near the first tie strap.


Cutting the tie strap might allow the lights to come back on but that is usually just temporary as the real issue is usually a broken wire inside the harness.


With the ignition switch ON, & lights on, grab the wire harness at the first tie strap & wiggle, pull, twist & see if you can isolate the place that is causing the problem (you will probably have to cut the harness open to find the issue).


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This happened to me as well, but it wasn't just the lights. On a ride out I had the engine cutting out a couple of times when starting off - no problem re-starting - then it cut out when turning out of a side road. Needless to say I dropped the bike...

Time to do something about about the problem!

With the ignition on but without the engine running I heard the ignition cutting out and the fuel pump re-starting when I moved the handlebars to the left and back.

I remembered reading posts about this and sure enough it was the red wire in the harness from the ignition switch that was broken.


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This is a very common issue. if it hasn't happened to you yet, cut the cable-ties below the switch and replace with very loose ones this will allow the loom to flex over a much larger radius, reducing stress on the cables.



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Thank you all for the input, going to cut the cable ties tonight and let you know if the issue is resolved.



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Afternoon Kostas


Cutting the cable tie WON'T fix a broken wire. (IF) your problem is due to that tie strap being too tight then the wire is already fractured.


Loosening or cutting the tie strap might make the problem go away for a short time but the problem is still a BROKEN WIRE & that won't heal itself.


If your problem goes away after cutting the tie strap that confirms your problem is a broken wire in the wire harness near that tie strap so the harness will need to be cut open that wire repaired. Just cutting the tie strap can in some instances allow the broken wire ends to temporarily touch each other & make you think the problem went away but that is false thinking.


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Update: problem not solved after cutting the cable ties :(


Will have a better look next time the plastics are off.


Thank you all for the guidance.



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