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Bulb Package sizes - R1150RT


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Can anyone give me the style of bulb fitted to the tail/brake light of the R1150RT?


Brake/Tail light 12V/10W package style = ??????

Dip Beam 12V/55W package style = H3

Fog Light 12V/55W package style = H3

Main Beam 12V/55W package style = H7

Indicator 12V/21W package style = 382

Instrument 12v/1.7W package style = ?????



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Afternoon Andy


I believe that 12v 10 watt you show is for the license plate light not the brake/tail light.


I show (at least in the U.S. here) the brake/tail as --


Brake lamp 12V 21W

Standard designation P 25-1


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