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Seat Height


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Coming off a GS, i would like a taller seat to get a little more legroom back. I like the look of the stock seat and don't want to start over with a brand new seat.


I did a forum search but was not able to find anything specific to this.


Anyone had luck rebuilding the stock seat to provide a little more height? I guess that would mean finding a vinly that matches what BMW uses?




Jim Merrell

Canton, OH

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An automotive or marine upholstery shop should be able to give you a little more height by adding foam. The original vinyl cover probably won't work anymore so you would have to get them to find a close match to the OE BMW material. Or ec-cover both the front and rear sections of the seat so they match. Adding foam might get you 1/2" of height but you can't go too far or the seat's foam structure collapses.


As a try-it-and-see, pick up a gel pad that straps onto the saddle. That'll get you 1/2" or so and won't ruin the original upholstery. An upholstery shop should be able to work that gel pad into the re-work, if you decide to go that route.


Have you considered shortening your legs?



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I already have one short leg:>))


Not only do I want a taller seat I would prefer it with firmer foam which I have found to help as miles accumulate. I may have to throw myself on the mercy of one of the mainstream custom $eat builder$.


I have an airhawk I can use in the interim.





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Actually I believe I have a low seat on my ESA equipped RT. Not sure how that happended, call into the dealer now. I'm 6'2" and coming off the GS i feel "folded up"!

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Sorry, getting used to this iPad. It was the wrong seat, put the regular seat on this morning and it transformed the bike! I think this is the more ergonomically correct bike(for me) that I have ever ridden!

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