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tupper ware screws

Urban Surfer

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I have taken the plastics of my 03 RT several times now, and I'm still not sure where all the long screws go. There are six of them, and I know two go under the mirrors, but what about the other four? confused.gif

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The long screws (should be 8 of the bastages) originated from your mirror, and the 3 lower spots surrounding each foot peg. Ken's right, don't use 'em for the tank and let fate rule for the rest!

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I read a rule of thumb, and I'm trying to remember it exactly, but it goes something like this:


1. The short screws are for one layer of plastic going into a mount on the frame.

2. The medium screws are for two layers of plastic alone.

3. The long screws are for two layers of plastic going into a mount on the frame, or three layers or plastic alone.

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I took off only the left side last weekend to fit my GPS power cable and alarm electrics and there were 5 long screws just on the left side.


Mirror, foot peg area and inside the oil cooler cover though not sure why that one was long.

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