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Americade 2012 (Take 2)


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(I took too long editing the first edition of this post. This is the completed version.)


As usual for me, I spent last week at Americade. I test rode as many bikes as I could work in in 5 days. I managed a BMW each day including the K1600GTL, K1600GT, R1200GS and the R1200RT twice. Here is the BMW Test Ride setup on Tuesday morning.




I rode the RT twice because I liked it so much and I don't like riding the more sporty bikes any more.


I rode there with my brother Ken. We stayed in our tents at a local campground. He rides an 09 FJR1300.




On the street in Lake George we saw this 1942 BSA.




We also saw this possible Morgan replica on the street.




Here are a few of our friends on the BMW test ride Thursday. BMW had examples of most of their bikes.




Ducati was there but was only test riding the Diavel. We test rode it. Very interesting and fun bike. Amazing power and handling. The were not allowing test rides on this Paul Smart 1000.




Here's an unusual paint job for a BMW.




A trike in progress with a K1600GTL at the Tour Expo.




Back on the street at night we found this early Kawasaki 90.



On our last BMW test ride, as woman went down on a corner on an F650GS (I think). I was too far back to see anything. My brother was on the GT and two bikes back. He didn't really see the event but did notice she was a very tentative rider earlier in the ride. The ride continued after 911 was called while some of the escort riders stayed behind with the woman. We were told she was transported to the hospital with chest pains. I don't know how she ultimately made out. BMW had at least three other bikes go down on test rides during Americade.




We were required to sit through a 20 minute Power Point and safety lecture before being allowed to test ride the Ducati Diavel.




They had their usual Saturday morning parade but we missed it. One of the paraders wandered into the bike test ride area on his Gold Wing.




Here's the GS coming back on the pickup truck.




My brother, Ken, got a standby test ride on a ZX14R. He really likes it (for short rides).




Parking for bikes was pretty close to the test ride are in a large grass area between parking lots. All the test rides (except Harley & Yamaha/Star) were arranged in the parking lots.




Test rides were available from BMW, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Kymco, Harley, Yamaha/Star, CanAm Spyder and some trike vendors.


We rode BMW, Kawasaki, Ducati, Yamaha and Honda.


At the Tour Expo we saw these training wheels on a Gold Wing. Don't know if they are available for BMW!




Despite bad weather predictions most of the week, the weather held and we only lost two test rides to the rain. It was mostly a dry week. We stayed through Saturday night and had a great ride home to southern Massachusetts on mostly abandoned back roads beginning at 6 am Sunday morning.


While at Americade, I met and had diner with another BMWST board member MOS and his wife Gini. They live in the area and I have met with them before while there. They are a great couple and great contributors to the BMW riding community.


Looking forward to next year. Maybe I'll get to test ride the then new water cooled boxer!!

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Great pics Roy {as always} ! We enjoyed having dinner with you and Ken and getting the report on all the test rides.



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Thanks very much Roy. I always enjoy your photos! Maybe I need to give Americade another try. I didn't know BMW was back. What a shame about folks crashing on test rides. Yikes!

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Nice to see you on the board. BMW came back last year but only with the K1600s. Their test ride has also changed significantly. Much shorter now, about 20 minutes with some highway and some back road.



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Nice to see you on the board. BMW came back last year but only with the K1600s. Their test ride has also changed significantly. Much shorter now, about 20 minutes with some highway and some back road.




:wave: 20 minutes is good enough. I seem to recall I left the parking lot with the 2002 RT, rode 1000 feet and by the time I was accelerating up the ramp to the Northway I had mentally moved the money from my savings account to BMW. :grin:

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Just curious, what did you guys think about the k16gt? I love testing out new bikes, I should take advantage of this! :dopeslap: Nice pics Roy! :thumbsup:




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