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Reading 1150 trouble codes

Jovial Henry

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Jovial Henry

Can one read the codes on the 1150 with a meter or led?? I did a search but couldn't find anything for the 1150.

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Jovial Henry

Thanks, that is what I was afraid of. I don't use the Rt much anymore and hate to spend a lot but am over 100 miles to closest dealer. Any idea where I might get one for a reasonable price??? With the abs giving errors I do not want to ride it that far. Haven't had time to remove abs yet.

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Yup GS119. I just got one and am very pleased with it. If you do get one, I'd urge you to splash out for the legit one from an official distributer rather than a cheaper Chinese ripoff one. The latter are advertised with the software on CD. It is an older version of the software and there is no guarantee that the thing will work fully.


If you get a bluetooth one and have a fancy enough phone you can use it any time you have a problem in the middle of nowhere without connecting to a laptop.


Good luck with the ABS.




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Morning Henry


I looked your earlier post up on "your" specific ABS failure & while a GS-911 might show you something there is a chance it won't.


Unfortunately the failure codes are limited on the I-ABS system & some things store a code & some don't.


A GS-911 isn't a bad idea if a person owns an 1150RT but there are some things it just won't show you.


If your brake issue is still the same as you posted on before you need to make sure BOTH front & rear brake switches are not sticking on while riding & that both hand lever & rear brake pedal is EASILY & FULLY returning. Especially since your bike seems to sit a lot.


On the GS-911?--A place to buy below-----



GS911usa.com Beemershop, Inc.

5100 Scotts Valley Dr. #100

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Tel.: 831-438-1100



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