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I am hunting for a connecting cable. I need an SAE end to an end capable of powering Gerbings controller (I would need the SAE on one end and the female type connector on the other to put the male Gerbings plug into); this for the DR.


On the GS, I would need a regular BMW power plug with the female end on it to plug in the Gerbings.


I have been on the powerlet site.. can't figure out if the female ends I am seeing on those cables are compatible with the Gerbings male end leads..


anybody with any insight, TIA Chris

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Idon't know what you are looking at on the powerlet site but they do make cables that are SAE and female coax into which you can plug a Gerbings jacket. They come in many lengths and they'll make you a custom on request if tht's what you want.


All you need to do is call them and explain what you need and they'll fix you up. Service is excellent as you will see.


I use a very small SAE to coax only a few inches long. It connects my jacket into my electrified tank bag- that can also power stuff like my phone charger, recharge spare bluetooth set battery, etc etc. Keeps my jcket setup short, neat, and idelly positioned for easy use.

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Morning Chris


I always make my own using available SAE or Coax pig tails. That way I get the length & polarity I need.


This is just a heads up for you so when you buy so you get what you really need.


The Coax (Gerbings) plug is not directionally sensitive (center pin is always positive. BUT the SAE plug is directionally sensitive. That means the exposed pin can be positive when using in one direction & negative when using in the other direction.


What this means to you is not only do you need to find your SAE to female Coax but the polarity needs to be correct. Most are correct as the general usage is power flowing from the SAE to female Coax. Just be sure that is the case when buying.


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