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Stalled and now won't run

chris andre

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chris andre

2000 R1100RT 49k. Bike has always started and run well. Regularly serviced. Have been getting 43.5 mpg and need the bike to commute. Only recently started to put regular miles on it again, 70 per day. It has been garage maintained and only rode 10k since 04/07. Bike was parked on side stand and engine cold. Today I started with the throttle lever open and immediately accelerated away. Leaving work I have to go immediate up a short steep hill and the bike stalled almost at the top. No problem the bike has always started if I stalled. Bike wouldn’t start. After carefully braking back down the hill the bike repeatedly would not start. It would if I open the throttle twist grip but was missing badly and would not run. After sitting about an hour the bike started up and seemed to run well. I was waiting for it to warm up and as it did it again started to run rough and stalled. At first it felt and sounded like it was firing both cylinders (normal), but then almost like one stopped firing. Previously on attempted starts I got a pretty good fuel odor. That’s when I let it sit for a while. Oh yes. I have been riding in some pretty good rain this week in Seattle.


It has a techlusion on it, K&N air filter, performance graphite inlet, BMW performance header and Remus exhaust. I have never changed any vacuum tubing or other tubing. Needless to say it is sitting at work 35 miles and I’ll need to tow it home. I’m wondering if I should try and fix this, or drop it off at the local BMW dealer which is on the way. I have always done my own services and am mechanically inclined . . . but I also know when things are beyond my capabilities. I hoping it might just be an air leak somewhere or something not to difficult. I know anything beyond that is pretty much beyond me. Any help/advice is welcomed. Motroinc faults etc.


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Maybe your cannister is clogged. Next time it won't start, open the gas cap, close it and try again.


Also, check all of your fuses very carefully. You could have one getting close to failing or has failed and the break is very small. Just to be sure, pull and replace your fuel pump fuse. While there, swap your fuel pump relay with another relay with the same part number.


If it's not one of these, I would suspect it's the HES which have been known to fail in the 1100s but less so in the 1150s.


Good luck. Stay dry!


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Hall Effect Sensor. It's located under the alternator cover.


Said many times..Carry a Spare, and tools/knowledge to change it..when will wisdom win over blind ignorance?..seems not any time soon.

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Morning Chris


Your bike has all the ear marks of a Techlusion acting up due to moisture in it. Some of the early Techlusion units were not sealed very good & would let moisture in.


I have seen a few Techlusion units act just like yours is.


It could be the HES but to me it sure sounds more like a Techlusion issue with the strong fuel smell, running OK for couple of minutes then stalling, then starting again after cool off.


Disconnect your Techlusion then try riding the bike. You might get away with just disconnecting the Techlusion BLACK ground wire. (try it first) but you might have to disconnect (unplug) the Techlusion completely from the R/H fuel injector harness & 02 harness (if you have 1032 model).




Added: if it does turn out to be the Techlusion unit then give Dobeck Performance a call. They usually have you send your unit in & they will send you out a new (better sealed) unit. Or at least they used to do that no charge.

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Chris.......I agree with dirtrider 100%. Personally, I have seen 3 out of 3 Techlusion boxes I have come across fail or start to cause other issues. I don't think they make a very durable product. The HES is the #2 guess.


If it was me, I would forget the dealer exists. If you want to buy a new bike, go talk to them. If you want to fix yours, then we can get it figured out. I'm sure its relatively simple. These things don't run on magic. I would send the Techlusion to the trash can. Eliminate that unknown variable. See what happens, and then most likely move on to rebuilding or replacing the HES.



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chris andre

I appreciate all the wise advice and disregard the rest. The forum seems to be changing from those who help to . . . well you can read for yourself.

After sitting at work in dry weather over the weekend the bike started and ran fine up to 5 bars on temp. I’ll try it again tomorrow and bring it home.


Thanks for the caring compassion and like mindedness in the forum. For the rest of those who feel compelled to ridicule and marginalize . . . well some day it will come back. Any prudent advice is appreciated. Otherwise you can save it for those of your character. I’ll see if this posts. Blessing and peace Chris


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It is the internet.


I think the advice you received about the Techlusion box was spot on.


You will find that the folks on this list that you have met at an Unrally will be the ones who are absent of the snark and most willing to offer good advice. Barbie and I made the one last year, but will not be able to make this year because of my involvement in the BMWMOA rally. I hope everyone has asw much fun as we had at Little Switzerland.

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I just ran into the same exact issue with my bike however do not have the Techlusion. Is there a way to verify the HES is bad w/o purchasing one and swapping it?


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Afternoon Robert


You can test yours (BUT) unless it is acting up at the time you test it it will probably show it is good during the test.


Best bet is to eliminate all else like bad gasoline, a faulty side stand switch, a broken wire in you harness near the steering neck (at 1st tie strap), a fuel pump issue, bad 02 sensor, etc. If those are OK then just go ahead & repair or replace your HES.


There is an HES testing procedure in this repair write up.




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dirtrider, thank you for posting the HES pdf. I recently purchased an 03 RT and most of the posts I read are like greek to me. Just like the techlusion. Many items and problems with BMW's are different in name if not nature to the other bikes I've owned for almost half a century.


Thank you for your honesty and helpfulness to any and all of us here. tomp dirtdreamer50

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