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Nashville, Cookeville, Center Hill Dam....How many months a year can I ride


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I am moving out to Cookeville, Tennessee in a couple of weeks and I will have to ship my RT out there since I am not lucky enough to be able to ride it there.


I do not have a car and my RT will be my main source of transportation until my wife arrives in October (But we will have one car then and she will be the main driver). I am not sure how much snow falls in this area and I am wondering if any of you fellow riders can give me some info.


How many months of the year can I safely ride? I have heard about ice storms and freezing rain or other things I am not sure about and I don't know if they occur in this area or not? If I have to, I may buy a cheap car but I may also just rent a car for a month or two if I can ride for 10 months out of the year. I plan on living in the area for about 2 years.





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Shiny Side Up

Hey Ryan,


Those storms do occur in this area (ice and freezing rain) Makes things way too slick for a scoot. Snow fall varies from about 0 to 12". - in a good year, I'd say you could ride from 7 to 8 months, maybe a little more.

You can ride in the winter, but get some heated clothing and good jacket / pants. Temps can be below 0 and anywhere from there to the mid-40's With the heated grips it's not that bad.


You're gonna love those mountain roads...

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Ryan, that's a loaded question that can best be answered by...it depends.


Cookeville and the surrounding area are right at the top/start of the Cumberland Plateau coming east out of Nashville. BEAUTIFUL country, roads & people. Some might be considered "hill folk" so be mindful of how you engage in conversation. What I mean/suggesting is; at first consider what what your want to ask, and then think about how to phrase it.


Example; well hey what is it exactly that you do? ...None of yer damn bidness could be the reply. It doesn't mean anything necessarily...except that hey don't know you.


The fall/winter season can be almost sub-tropic to arctic cold depending on the day. The fronts & daily temps can/will/could change drastically from day to day.


Literally, you can have 3-6" of snow-ice today and a 60-70+ degree day the next day. Probably would be a good idea to update your riding gear.


I'd say you have opportunities awaiting.




How the he%% did I end up in S. Tx?

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Hey Guys!


Thanks for the info. Since this is a move based on a project with a crazy construction schedule I just got notified that I don't need to go after all. I actually had to cancel my one way plane ticket and the shipment of my RT! If I go out there now it will most likely be for 3 months at a time and hopefully I will be able to work during the best weather.


I have since made other commitments for different projects in Southern California. It will be over 100 the next couple weeks and really dry in the Mojave desert.



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