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O2 Sensor


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I have been been reading about changing the O2 Sensor.

Is it an easy job?

What tools will I need.

How do I gain access to the probe?

Will It be rusted in?



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Afternoon 810




Is it an easy job?----

Maybe, depends on what "easy job" means to you. Much easier than an engine overhaul but a fair amount more difficult than removing a wheel. You will need to remove the Tupperware body panels, raise the rear of the gas tank, unplug & unclip the wire harness, then access the 02 sensor in the exhaust system. You can sort of get to it with the exhaust in place but easier if you drop the exhaust down a bit



What tools will I need.----

Tools to remove the tupperware & rear of gas tank hold down. Then a 22mm end wrench & maybe a 22mm box end wrench if the 02 is rusted in. Maybe some type of pin point torch (not a flashlight but a flame producing torch) if the 02 is rusted in tightly.



How do I gain access to the probe?---- Remove plastic, lift rear of gas tank, & possibly lower exhaust system.



Will It be rusted in?----

More than likely as they usually are.


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roger 04 rt

+1 to DR's ...


I dropped the exhaust when I did my 1150 O2 replacement and bought a special slotted socket for O2 sensors. The special socket and a long 1/2" drive torque wrench "persuaded" it.

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also, remember to NOT route the new O2 sensor cable with the lower spark plug H.T. lead (if it's a dual spark model), like I did.



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Thank you for the suggestions. I think I will need to get a new exhaist pipe to silencer clamp. I don't think that will come apart without destroying the bolt/nut.


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No NGK/NTK do one for about £55, Bosch do one - on euro motoelectrics web site at about $119.

There are plenty around. try ebay.

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