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Ride-On Tire Sealant for my 1150RT?


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Im hoping to get some feed-back from the Board regarding Ride-On Tire Sealant. It is supposedly a very good product which, if working as intended, plugs a hole in a tire immediatelly without assistance from the guy who actually caused the hole to happen in the first place... The website is ride-on dot com in case you want to check it out.


I've used this in my GS in past years but luckily have never had the occasion to test it. So I dont'really know how well it works.


One of my concerns (and this might be silly) is that I would be adding unsprung weight to the bike. Rear tires takes around 10oz of the stuff and the front takes around 8oz. Not a big deal on this forum probably, but if I posted this on a Ninja or Hyabusa forum I'd get decapitated for wanting to add unsprung weight.


Manufacturer claims no rust issue, no mess, and plugs tires on its own. Sounds good to me.


Any thoughts? Do you or would you use it?






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I have used it many times with my RT. You are only talking about adding just over a pound. I had no issues and can see no issues with this product. I use it in my inner tubes of my R75/6 as well.


The mess is really not that bad and cleans up easily with water. It is not like Slime at all.


Hope that answers your question.

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Have used it on tubed tires. Had a flat as I'd picked up a large stable and had ridden long enough for the bridge between the 2 stable legs to have been worn away. I didn't have a compressor at the time as it didn't occur to me to check the tires everyday. If something has pierced the tire you have to know and remove it for Ride on to work. Otherwise the tire will still go flat and in the case of a tubed tire, the object could shred the tube. Ended up getting a can of Fix-A-Flat to get home then replaced the tube. Now I use a TPMS and carry a repair kit and mini-compressor for tubeless but still carry Fix-A-Flat for tubed. Having used Fix-A-Flat and Ride on in tires and changed those same tires, as stated it's not the big deal some people make it out to be, it hoses right off. It might work better for you, just routinely check your tires and carry a compressor.

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Unless you're racing, I think I'd skip the unsprung weight issue. there's probably more weight difference between brands of tires that you're inclined to buy.


Generally, I'd skip these sorts of products. To me it's like buying insurance. Sure, we all need catastrophic insurance, but not for every flat tire (both literally and figuratively) that we might get in life. It's much more economical for you to accept the risk for most things, and save insurance for that day we all dread. I personally get less than about one flat over the life of a pair of tires. That's not enough for me to do anything about it.


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I've used it, and yes it cleans really easily. However, the coverage on an RT rear tire is about a one inch wide strip on center. If you get a puncture outside the area, you are out of luck. But it is cheap insurance.

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