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1999 R 1100 R alt belt number


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Need a cross reference for the proper belt for a 99 R 1100 R. Don't know if it is the same as the RT or not.


Thanks in advance for correct answers.


Thanks in advance for funny answers.


Heck, thanks for any answers. :wave:

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From Max BMW:

BMW part number 12 31 1 341 779

In some rare cases, this belt applies to the later dual spark models. Recommend you look at your old belt prior to ordering. You may be able to confirm this if the 779 PN is still legible. 4PK611 may also be on this belt.


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Thanks for the answer.


I'm looking for an after market replacement. Not the BMW part number.



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Any reason you want an aftermarket one?

The belt is cheaper than (say) aftermarket brake pads and lasts much longer! $23 isn't that much...and keeps your BMW dealer in business.


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Sure, I live 70 miles from a BMW dealer.


I live 5 miles from a NAPA auto parts store.


Yea but UPS is at your front door.

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Here are some part # from a post on MOA forums.


NAPA NBH25040233


Goodyear Gatorback poly V belt 4040245

Dayco Poly Cog Belt 5040240

CarQuest Poly Cog Belt K040233


They noted that the NAPA belt may be shorter than the stock one.


I have used the Goodyear and Dayco belts. IMO the goodyear is a very good belt. No guarantee these are correct for your bike.

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Yes, for a significant price. Lots of retailers are now using "Shipping and handling" as an additional profit center.


I'm old and crabby and am starting to push back against such practices.


But that's just me. :grin:

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