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I've got just about 3,000 miles on my '05 RT now and am loving every minute of it after putting 162,000 on my '96 RT. Fortunately, I've not had any of the problems others have reported. Seems like some of us are reportng "glitches" which are, in reality, the result of some confusion about how the machine is "supposed" to work; aka BMW design.


I thought I'd add my experience to the mix "for what it's worth."


Oil quantity indicator on the BC does exactly what it's advertised to do. I did get a <!> the other day while thrashing about rather aggressively in the twisties. I ignored it (needed to pay more attention to the road anyway) and the next time I looked at it the v/ mark was back.


Fuel remaining on the BC seems to be pretty accurate. The amount remaining in the tank at fill-up (7.1 minus the amount added to make it full) has always been about enough to carry me the number of miles indicated on the BC at my average of about 46 mpg.


My outside air temp reading starts out to be a little low after the bike has been parked but starts to become pretty accurate after a few miles in motion. It's always within a degree or two of the bank signs I notice. Im pretty sure mine's one of the later '05s with the sensor located up front.


My clock was set to the 12 hr. format but my dealer happily (free) reset it to the 24 hr. format on the 600 mile service at my request.


I use my Gerbings jacket liner and gloves, sometimes set to "full broil" on the thermostat, plugged into the front factory socket. No problem - I sometimes even plug in and turn on the key (motor not started) to get the heat going while I finish getting ready to ride - a couple of minutes.


Mine seems to shake a little at idle - moreso after it's warmed up than when full cold. Almost seems like the idle rpm is set a little too low. Dealer says there's no idle adjustment per se but will check it over carefully any time I care to bring it in.


That's my $0.02 worth.

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