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Big Thanks to some BMWST folks!


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Just a note to thank some generous people on this Board. I had put out an appeal for donations to help some needy families in The Gambia and Mali cope with the pending starvation they are facing. Rainfall has been sparse and there have been crop failures there. That means no food now and no seed to plant in the coming rainy season (...assuming/hoping there will be rain!).

FB, our glorious leader and Francois Dumas have stepped up to the plate and made donations. I didn't ask their permission to publish this but I just think they deserve recognition for their concern and generosity.

Thanks, guys! It is much appreciated.

And thanks to those of you who have contributed in the past!! (Raaaan! Paper Butt!)

We also received a generous donation from Jeff Slavens of Slavens Racing -- in case any of you own KteeM bikes!

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Raaaaan! Ya came through again. What a guy!!


We've sent $300 to people in The Gambia already and I'm trying to get in touch with my contact in Mali. The village is really remote, though, and it's difficult.

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