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kinda strange


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was on my '04 RT last Friday riding from Grand Rapids, MI to southern MI. Weather was horrible. low 50's and driving rain. Bike was running fantastic as usual but what caught my eye during the trip was the low (3 bars displayed) on the oil temperature gauge.


I had already ridden about 50 miles so normally expect 4-5 bars showing.


The weather cleared on Saturday so went for another ride and no issues. 4-5 bars as expected. Was the cold rain actually keeping my motor from hitting 5 bars? if so, then maybe I have an intermittent thermostat or a oil temp sensor acting up.


any ideas? don't worry about it?





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Afternoon Rick


Yes, cold water on the oil cooler & cold water on the lower engine case removes a lot of heat due to evaporation cooling.


My guess is you were riding a bit slower than usual too.


Bet you get colder riding in the rain also.


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I owned an '06 1200GS that ran much cooler in the rain. Same thing as what you experienced. I always brushed it off to the cooler temps when raining and the effect of the wind/water on the cylinders and front of engine. I put around 45k miles on her and always consistently cooler running in rain. I toured a bunch so rain never really discouraged me from riding.




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