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Converting radio box lid to keyless opening...


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Guys and Gals:

Has anyone removed the lock assembly and replaced it With a twist knob to allow use without the key? I have a spare ignition key on a lanyard but I would like to just turn a knob to open,grab water bootle,take a drink,and close it. I use a modular helmet so I can do this " inflight refueling" while riding down the road. Nothing is stored in the box of big value so theft is not worried about.


Any ideas???





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Afternoon Perry


I did just that on my old 1150RT.


I removed all but one tumbler from the glove box lock. Then took an old key & ground it's notches so it would not work in the ignition switch (didn't grind on the one that matched the remaining lock tumbler).


Then I made a nice little knob on my lathe then used the mill to cut a slot in the bottom of the knob to insert the cut down key.


Lacking a mill & a lathe you could use about anything in the shape of a knob then fill the insides with epoxy then imbed the cut off key in it.


For a key you could ask your local BMW dealer for an old unwanted key (they probably have a box full that they have no idea what they went to) then re-key your glove box lock with one or two existing tumblers that will allow that key to work.



Added: use the deepest notch in the glove box lock key as that will retain the key/knob in the lock better than a shallow one will. Also easier to grind on the shallow notches to disable the key as a valid ign switch key.





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Jerry Johnston

I had a spare key made and then gound the head down to where it fit inside the round hole of a radio (amplifier) knob and filled it with epoxy. If you want a picture I'd be happy to send it or even make one for you if you wanted to send the key to make it out of.


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