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On the road again.


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Going to Cincinnati tomorrow to pick up a 1999 R 1100 R Special Edition with ABS.


Black, white pinstripe, spoke wheels with tubeless tires. Corbin seat with backrest, BMW Side cases, two aftermarket top cases, Aeroflow windshield.



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...you didn't stop and see me, Brother Bud.


I'm a scant 40 minutes from the 'Nati


What? When did you move?????


I've been out of the loop for a while.


Details, we want details.

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It seems aging boomers like us (well ok, me) think we're done with motos but our hearts say otherwise. With that logic, I sold my RT but ended up not long after with an R1100S for day rides and simply as Garage Art. It does bring me joy. Hoping you'll likewise enjoy your "pre-used" R-bike! :grin:

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