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Volume on Zumo drops


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About 4 seconds after starting my bike the volume drops on my Zumo 550. Plays fine without the bike running. Only thing different since the last time using it was that I just did the Oilhead Timing Chain Tensioner Upgrade but I don't see how this could have caused the problem. Any ideas? Zumo is connected to Starcom 1. No problems with this for 5 previous years.



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Danny caddyshack Noonan

If all else fails, you might try a full reset. On the 66x's, hold down one of the corners to get the unit to go back to all of the factory defaults and remove all connections. You might also check for an update on the firmware?



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You need to debug which one actually causes the change in volume level, the Zumo or the Starcom unit.


Leave everything on the bike, all connected as normal EXCEPT plug a pair of earbuds to the Zumo and listen if volume drops.


Also, do both nav and music volume do the same?




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Just took a ride and connected to the Zumo and everything is fine so it must be something with the Starcom. Thanks

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