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Anyone have a Turbo


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Well, you picked the right guy. He has done more BMW turbo kits than anyone else. He did all of Luftmeister's work back before they folded.


The owner is a really nice guy and a more than competent engineer. He does have an unusual preception of what is timely and has no patience whatsoever with people who don't know what they are doing.


Be prepared to do at least some development work yourself. If you are not comfortable with EFI operation and theory and the modification to fuel curves entailed in getting a turbo system to fuel properly you might wish to reconsider. Bob is capable of helping but his help comes at a pretty high level. Don't expect him to teach you basic theory.

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to answer the question, yes. Cummins turbo diesel - that bike will really lay down a stripe with lots of on demand torque very little shifting is required.

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