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05 shock replacement

Lester V

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I couldn't find anything using the search so here goes. Nothing turned up in the archives, plese direct me if there is...


M/C - 2005 1200Rt with ESA. ( a friends) New shock replacement hyperpro lowered 1.5"


I have done at least 5 shock removal/replacements on the 1100Rt . No problems with Wilbers or ohlins non ESA.


What are the things I need to be aware of when replacing the 1200 RT shocks?


I do understand that after shock replacement that 1" should be cut off the side stand and some off the center.


I'm wondering more about the shock replacement process and gotcha's.


pull seat, panels both sides, tank and ? what did I miss? or is crucial?


The tank and all it's fittings is a pain, understood. As I have never stripped one of these nakid this far I was wondering what 'she' may be hiding as far as getting to her delicate parts.

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Guest Kakugo

You will need to remove front right side panel (the one with the R1200RT decal), radio compartment with cover, tank bag rail and alternator belt cover to take off and install the front shock. ESA connectors are easy to locate by following the wiring and easily disconnected. The top shock nut can be a major pain to undo and redo: I used an impact wrench to do both. I had no clearance issue whatsoever and I suspect I could have done it without removing the alternator belt cover but since I was dismantling the bike anyway four bolts where no issue.


As for the rear shock, the swap itself is pretty straightforward. Remove the rear wheel, the muffler, the inner mudguard extension and the saddle. I had HUGE problems getting to the ESA connectors, to the point I ended up removing the tail tupperware to access them. A pig of a job as usual due to the luggage rack. You are supposed to be able to access them from underneath but just couldn't. :(


One final thing: whatever you are going to keep the ESA function or not put it in Comfort, single rider (one helmet) before removing the shocks.

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John in VA

It took me about 2 hours at a slow pace to install Ohlins on my '06 RT. It was pretty much the same procedure as I'd done on my '00 1100RT. Very similar.


You don't really need to strip the bike. The tank just needs to be loosened and slipped back and propped up a couple of inches, NOT removed. I didn't even need to disconnect the fuel line. Just be gentle. I had no problem with the ESA connectors.


If I recall correctly, the biggest hangup was extending the front fork down to its max to slip the new shock in. I don't have a proper bike lift so I had to rig up some blocks under the engine and use a portable car jack to raise/tilt the bike enough to extend the forks fully.


ENJOY the new shocks! What a world of difference they make.

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I put Wilber's in my 12RT.


I found the front lower bolt to be a real SOB to re and re. Felt like the threads were stripped, but looked fine.


No more ESA, but better ride and handling.


Greetings to the OP from nearby Salmon Arm.

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Thanks folks. My mind is now at ease on doing this.


Bonus on the note about setting the ESA to single ahead of time. That was a new one to me.

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