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Installed BMW Navigator II Plus Today


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This morning I spent some time installing a new BMW Navigator II Plus on my 2005 R1200RT. I thought I'd jot down a few notes that may be of assistance to someone else who may be thinking of doing this install.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is how well everything is layed out and put together. It seems that (with the exception of the instructions which make you go to the GERMAN instructions to see the illustrations (why in the world BMW doesn't just print the assembly illustrations in every language is beyond me...)) everything is well thought out.


One thing I didn't know is that the harness used to connect power and the control signals is actually built into the R1200RT... all you need to do is mate the small harness supplied with the Navigator II to the existing harness on the motorcycle (which is pretty easy to get to without removing any plastic) and everything is wired up. One thing I noted is that the connector is not a positive lock (meaning it can pull apart) so I ended up securing both sockets with zip ties to make sure it doesn't come apart.


Assembling the mount took all of 15 minutes and was very simple (with the exception of trying to torque two screws to 2NM).


One thing I didn't like is that the screws that you remove from the handle bars for the mount are torx and the ones you put back in which are a little longer to cover the thickness of the mount are allen head. Even though you can't see the allen head screws, I would have preferred that they stuck with torx.


The job took a total of 45 minutes (roughly) and absolutely nothing was difficult about it. Had I not been so anal about routing the wires and securing them, I could have probably been done in a half an hour.


Ah... one other thing before I forget... the Navigator II does not have any provision for batteries... it needs an external power source all the time. It does however come with mount for your car, cigarette lighter adaptor for automotive power that has a built-in speaker (pretty cool).


I found that I like the factory console that adds the additional buttons for zoom. I found that with gloves on, the touch screen was difficult to use... however, the large buttons on the left side of the console made zooming a piece of cake.


Expensive? Sure.

A stock Garmin replacement a better deal? Sure.


However... you just can't beat the look of the factory unit. Even with my tank bag installed, I could easily view the GPS.


The only drawback I found is that looking at the navigation system does take your eyes off the road and you'll need to be careful when using the unit.


I ordered a baehr cable to connect it to my baehr communication setup... this should help with the distration of looking at the screen since I could simply listen to the directions instead of having to read them.


All in all... I'm really happy I ordered the Navigation II Plus setup. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to post some pictures.


Joe West

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Congratulations on the successful installation thumbsup.gif


I actually installed my BMW Motorrad Navigator (StreetPilot III) on my R1150RT yesterday so I know exactly how satisfying completing the installation can be. Unlike what you described though I did have to remove my side fairing to route the cable. (Also used that as an opportunity to install my new bike alarm).


I mounted my GPS using the BMW wiring harness but with a the Bracket Kit IV from GPS for less http://shop.store.yahoo.com/gpsforless/brackitivsol.html It places the GPS up nice and high so no real need to remove your eye from the road to check directions.


I also managed to connect my GPS to my PC and update the firmware cool.gif Now just waiting for my updated Maprsource CD to arrive.



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Good one Ed,

I took the plunge and ordered the Nav2 mouting and wiring kit last week - I'm gonna use my Garmin SP 2610. I figure the power will work and the things fits - but nobody can confirm if the additional cradle buttons will or won't. I guess I am about to see for myself.




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Works fine. I have one of each and see no difference when I use the 2610 on the BMW cradle. The 2610 does not have the compass page that you have on the Nav II, which would be useful if you are going off road. I have not really had that much use for the extra buttons on the BMW cradle, though. If I were doing it again today, I would not buy the Nav II.

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