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Need help with valuing 99 R1100RT Transmission, final drive and ABS unit


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I have a trans with a cracked case, good final drive and ABS unit from a wrecked 1999 R1100RT with only 15,000 miles on it. Time to get them out of my garage. Can anyone give me some idea of what these might be worth? They have all been under cover in my garage since 2001, I'll be placing them on Craigslist,....really dont want to hassle with trying to box up and ship these,.....well, maybe the ABS unit.


Brian in Austin

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I just sold a swingarm, final drive with ABS unit for $250. I paid $250 for it.


I think you might want to sell the tranny separately.


Thats probably worth at least another $250, maybe more.



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I just bought ABS unit for $300. I found it on the BMWMOA site. I've trolled ebay and see them from 300 - 600 bucks. I do know there is a demand for them.




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