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Mount Dora brewery lunch - SHORT NOTICE


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First, I humbly apologize for the short notice. This is happening this Friday, June 1, i.e., two days from now. Previous plans went down the loo but I decided to resurrect the idea.


Well, the school year is almost over and with it, my opportunities for easy day rides before late August. So here's the plan: A long lunch at Mount Dora Brewing and restaurant. They open at 11 a.m. so let's see what kinda fun/trouble we can get into. Who's in? Good people, motorcycles, good food, beer, what's not to like?



If anyone wants to ride up with me, I'll be leaving Sarasota about 8-ish. Route is TBD but let's aim for 2 lanes.


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Friday!!!!! :eek:


This ham&egger is working on Fridays, but off Sat or Sun.


Let us know how it is = maybe next time


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Friday became the default day as my son and his mom are going on a class trip to Sea World that will take all day. School ends Monday and as I'm not working at the moment, I gotta cook when the iron is hot. I'll be doing daddy daycare until employment comes my way.


I will let you know how it is and decide if further investigation is warranted. Maybe the planets will align and the wife can actually give me some heads up on her insane retail schedule so we can plan this out better next time.

Don't forget, O'Keefe's is only a mile or two away in Tavares and then there is the bakery just SW of there.

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Just spent our honeymoon in Mount Dora - after a rather tasty dinner at the Goblin Market, we closed down Maggie's Attic, having sampled the world's wines, ...and beers.



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Goblin Market is fantastic. I'm planning a trip down there in the next couple weekends to have an early dinner there.

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Well, I went on Friday. Left about 8:30 in the morning under gray skies. The radar looked a bit foreboding but I was hoping it might clear out as I headed north and east, maybe some spots of light rain.

Yeah, right. It was dry for the first 55 minutes, just until I got north of I-4 and east of I-75. It started light so I didn't bother stopping to put the liner in the jacket. Bad idea.

I finally conceded the battle and stopped at the side of the road. Two hours after hitting the first drops, I pulled up at the Rockin' Rabbit, the restaurant side of the Mount Dora Brewing Company.

I was literally dripping wet. I wrung out the my gloves, put the helmet over the GPS, grabbed my book and went inside.

The staff (Mark, Sue and the owner/brewer Jeff) were friendly and didn't say squat about my jacket and pants dripping on the carpet.

The food was very good, mostly sandwiches and the like. The beer is excellent. 5 different beers brewed on-site, 6 others on tap, 4 from FL breweries Cigar City, Orlando & Swamphead.

I headed next door at 3 when the bar side opened and parked my still wet self under the only ceiling fan in the place. I left about 5:45 to hit the Cycle Gear in Tampa on the way home.

Even with no rain at all on the return trip, I was still wet when I got home at 9:30. My gloves were dry, most of my shirt, too. But denim takes a loooooong time to de-humidify. And I won't talk about the cotton socks wicking water down into my waterproof boots!


Well, with the recon done I can honestly say I will definitely be up to going back and even checking out some other places. But I'll stop in for the Pistolville Porter at some point. Just need to get my wife's schedule to jive with a Saturday it appears, then it's on, y'all.


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Glad you made the trip, but dude, ditch the denim, get some mesh, and some rain gear.

It is illegal for beemer riders to wear denim in the rain.

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It certainly ain't the quickest drying material! :(


Amazingly, this was only the second time I have been rained on since I got this bike 3 1/2 years ago, returning from UN X was the other.


My Tourmaster has a rain liner and it works well. But the need for some type of rain pants (preferably armored) was demonstrated very effectively that day. :cry: I was squishy. And I need to re-read the bylaws apparently. :grin:



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Just pack a stearns or froggtogg pants and you'll be drier.

Get the armor in the riding pants or under garment so the rain gear packs small.

A built in hood keeps neck dry and helps.

Goos luck, sounds like a great place to eat, ymmm.

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