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Rode the 3 Sisters


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Rode down to Kerrville TX from OK Friday in a strong and hot south wind. I camped 2 nights in Kerrville, rode over Hwy 16 to CR 337, 336, and 335, then back home yesterday. This was my first good sized trip on my new R1200RT and I really enjoyed riding it around the twisty roads and the highway home. If you've never ridden in that area I'd recommend it but I might wait until next spring, it's already getting pretty hot in that part of Texas, 95 on Saturday but had a good breeze flowing thru the tent. Bought the RT on April 13th and after this trip I have 5500 miles on it. I'll be doing my first Iron Butt Saddlesore on June 14 from Moore OK to Buffalo WY and will post how that trip goes as well.

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I did get a few videos with my GoPro and a guy took this pic as I was riding 337. I need to take more pics but I enjoy riding more than I do the hassle of stopping to take pics.


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