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Header dent on RT


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Clipped a huge turtle yesterday and put a dent in one of the header tubes half way between the head and crossover pipe. Compression approx. .250 with no perforation...


Searched threads to see offered solutions but couldn't find anything. Would value opinions since I couldn't find an aftermarket header (don't care to remove the CAT since I've only got 1800 miles on the bike). OEM is ~$1700, yikes; so thinking maybe it's ok as is?

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Evening mickeym3


It seems as a turtle on the road is a road hazard & should be covered by your insurance.


Otherwise you might be able to have a welding shop or machine shop repair yours. If the stock stainless steel then a repair is likely possible, if the optional chrome plated pipes then a repair will probably mess up the chrome plating & have to be re-done.


Might be able to just leave it alone but that that would probably have to be determined by actually looking at the damage.




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I'd search for exhaust repair shops.. they're specialty shops that cater to dirt bike riders... I have sent them a tuned pipe that was for my KTM enduro race bike (that I actually bought off of Make Lafferty, soon to be ''hall of fame'' enduro rider- the PIPE that is.. I wouldn't buy a bike off of him.. it would be too abused!!!) that was so smashed in so many places you would not believe it.. and it came back almmost new... they use a combination of heat and air compression (?? and other tricks..) and can fix just about any pipe... check out the dirtbike rags...

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