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Help with Adaptiv Detector choice?


Got a Radar Detector?  

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I'm about to pull the trigger and buy a radar detector. A number of years ago on a former bike I bought a V-1; I loved the arrows, but not the expensiveness, nor that it was susceptible to water/moisture damage, nor the extra frustration of no audio out plug without buying a separate piece, nor its picking up X band supermarket doors. Worked great, though. My question: Has anyone had any experience with the Adaptiv 2.0 (updated) detector made for motorcycles? Has anyone heard if any company is going to come out with directional arrows on their detectors (since V-1's patent has expired)? While you're giving me your two cents, take the poll about detectors...

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I just purchased a new Escort 8500 X-50 "Black" to replace my 8 year old 8500. Really a nice (and effective) unit at a great price. Just returned from a three day romp in Colorado and it may well have paid for itself on the first trip! Got mine from Amazon for about 265.00.

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I'm in the 10% of "used to" responders.


First, having a CDL and needing it I really can't deal with consequences of big speeding ticket, and, a RD gives a false sense of security, IMO.

It can help in most situtions, no doubt, but in others, not likely so you're back relying on the good will of the officer who may see the radar set up which doesn't win friends and influence ticket writers.

Once in a while I find myself going more than the posted limit.

I try to moderate that by staying within a reasonable distance of posted speed and factor in other traffic/weather/conditions such as volume of traffic, time of day, shift changes, etc.

Works for me, YMMV.

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First, no radar detector is worth much against LIDAR ("laser") which is the enforcement tool of choice and growing rapidly in all states. The usefullness of radar detectors will, IMHO, lessen over the coming years as more and more departments get LIDAR. A LIDAR alert is actually a you've-been-busted alert.


Second, staying at or near the speed limit is just not reasonable or safe in many areas. In my part of the country Interstate traffic moves at well above the posted limit. Local road traffic does too, but to a lesser extent. Basically, everybody is speeding. This makes speed enforcement largely random or arbitrary. Hopefully only the most egregious speeders, tailgaters and weavers will get tagged, but often it's the most easily identified (that's you in your hi-viz jacket).


Will a radar detector save you? Maybe, maybe not. If you get a radar alert and are in a situation where you can quickly slow down, you may be saved. But clamping on the binders at 75 on the Interstate might not be wise. The whole "game" tends to take the enjoyment out of riding, and driving.


BTW, I run an Escort 8500 in the car and RT and think it has saved me a few times. Dumb luck also helps.



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4 vehicles- 2 V1s and 2 Escort 8500s

All paid for themselves within first couple of months. Knock on wood, I don't get too many speeding tickets anymore...Wish they would come up with a "Ok to pass the 40 mph moron on the 70mph road over the double yellow line" detector/permission granter....Now that would be helpful.... :dopeslap:

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