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How to Support R1150RT w/both Tires Off?


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I need to remove both front and rear tires to bring to shop for mount and balance of new ones.

Any tips on sequence to remove tires (which tire 1st) and how to subsequently support the bike with both tires off?




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only applies to bmw. i take off the front, bike leans back. put support under front forks (cinder block or similar with about 1 inch more to go to allow room to get back wheel up. put floor jack on point behind center stand and gently bring the rear up until the front tubes settle on your block. back wheel off. reverse procedure to put back on.


tom collins

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-remove lower fairing piece (if using a jack)

-add weight to side bags to get the rear wheel down

-strap center stand in place so it doesn't move. i use kayak straps but any method will work.

-use a lift to adjust up and down (lift at the bottom of the motor) or have a extra person help leverage bike up and down at rear rack (lower fairing piece can stay in place then)

-remove front wheel > remove master cyl. cap so fluid can expand > remove brake caliper > push brake pads outwards so there is room to clear rotor & rim > this might be a 1100rt only thing

-drop forks on ground with some wood/rug/etc. to protect them (using a helper) or drop with lift if using that method. i prefer to use an extra person and get the fork legs on the ground vrs. having the bike hanging there on the center stand and it proped up by the lift.

-the bike will be solidly attached to the floor and the strapped center stand will keep it from falling.

-remove rear tire.

-reverse to put back on

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