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Bent Rim.....


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What do I do??? New rim.. or can a rim repair shop fix this???


Really don't know how long it has been bent.,. just washed bike after 1000 mile trip and noticed it for the first time.

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Afternoon Phil


That doesn't look to be too bad so is probably an easy repair for an alloy rim repair shop.


I don't know what wheel services are available in your area so ask you local BMW shop or other motorcycle dealers (or Google quality wheel repair for your area)


If you can find a trusted local wheel repair shop then it will be a simple wheel removal & walk in.


If you need to send it out of your area then give it a spin on the bike & if the tire still tracks true & it doesn't leak maybe wait until winter to send it out for repair.


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Bah, that's nothing. Following is my front & rear after an excursion over a curb thanks to a blue hair several weeks ago.






I obviously replaced both, although the rear wasn't THAT bad. It still held air, while the front did not. Now my thoughts on your situation.


As dr said, yours can most likely be fixed by a reputable shop. But I disagree with him about taking it to a dealer. They have too many liability issues, & thus would refuse to try to straighten it. They'll just gladly sell you a new one for $737.71. Even my dealer refused to mount the two day old PR3's that were involved to the new rims. Liability & all that.


Find a good wheel shop, & let them have at it. That's waht I'd do.

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Afternoon Danny


I didn't advocate taking it to the dealer for repair (I guess I didn't do a good job of conveying that). I was suggesting he ask some of the local dealers who they use or send the wheel out to for wheel repair.


Not all dealers do but some will send a bent wheel out for repair (especially on used for-sale bikes).


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Awesome... Thanks for the responses. Made me feel a lot better about it. (especially after seeing yours Huzband!!!;)


Funny thing is, My son had just cracked/bent a rim on his BMW car wheel, (had to weld it) not one week ago, and we used a shop maybe 1/2 hour away.. I know he does Harley restoration, wheel re-lacing.. and in conversation he mentioned the "local" BMW master mechanic around here, saying he does work for him. D'OH! I guess he meant wheel work. I may just ride it over there and see what he says.

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Go here and all your troubles will be taken care of. I have used his services twice.




Thanks for that link.. CHEEP!


Seeing as how I think the rim has been bent for quite a while (pretty sure!) and it is tracking true, no vibration (at least that I can tell) and it isn't losing pressure, I'm gonna wait till winter to do anything. Or... maybe I'll listen to Paul, and JUST RIDE IT!



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There is also a place in Sacramento. I can remember the name but they did a beautiful job on my friends front rim from a '07 RT. He hit a huge rock on the side of the interstate. Fortunately it didn't lose any air so we could link it home 500 miles.

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