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Need very basic and simple (35K) demand planning system


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My company needs a basic demand planning system. We have weekly "forecasts" provided by our customers. We have our current inventory and our current in production inventory. We buy finished product and sell finished product. Seems like a simple concept, enter forecasted sales by week, by model, by customer,by ship to location, then current inventory, by model by location, inventory in process (i.e sent order to factory in china already and have a complettion date). The system creates planned orders by week. It does not have to be an intergrated complex system. We get our forecasts from our customers in TXT or Excel files. We get our current inventory in TXT files or excel file. The only item is the current factory production is confirmed each week via a PDF file so that would need to be keyed in. We are working with our china factories to provide in TXT or excel format.


so each week we get these, say 100 files, we upload into an (ideally) web based planning systems. The demand planners (we have 4) make manual adjustments etc. and reports are spit out.


We have a budget of about 35K. Anyone have any experience they can lend to me to help get started?


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I could certainly write one for you for substantially less than $35K - would you consider that and what is your deadline for delivery? (I have other work too). Also have a server available in the Amazon cloud (AWS) for hosting and backup system etc.


We would need to define the system a bit more for an exact quote. I would use PHP/MySQL/JavaScript and offer ongoing support and customization.


35 years software experience, currently maintaining a number of small PHP/MySQL projects and two large financial database projects using VB.net/SQL

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