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A Speedo Sensor and a Loose Connection


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Didn't Marty Robbins sing that in 1957?


The Dakar has had a bunch of hiccups since I brought it out of Atlanta. Speedo quit. Then the tach quit. And the low fuel light quit. And I damn near quit!


But, undaunted, (well, I was a LITTLE daunted!)I took the moral high road and refused to deal with the problems.


However, eventually I ran into an afternoon (today) when I was too bored to avoid the issues. Found a loose main connector at the back of the instrument cluster. Installed a replacement used speedo cable......and everything works!!


I'm one happy dude! Excelsior! Onward and upward!

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Glad you've got it sorted. Whereabouts are you on your crossing? Good luck with the rest of your journey! :thumbsup:




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TEWKS, I've been back in the State of WA for two weeks now. Meant to post a ride report but couldn't figure out how to post the pics.

You've motivated me. Stand by.

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