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French MotoGP. Spoiler Alert.


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Absolutely brilliant ride on the part of Lorenzo. His unparalleled smoothness and the balance of his Yamaha could not be touched.


That said, what a great ride by Rossi. The Ducati does work well in the wet. And he's still got the fire. Stoner, despite his retirement announcement, did not give an inch. It was a great last few laps.


They'd better get that Duc working in the dry, though. With Casey gone next year, Honda is not comfortable hanging their hat on Pedrosa. So who's taking Stoner's ride?


Spies is having head problems, IMO. Same bike as Lorenzo, on which he used to battle for podiums, now he's down in the double digits.


Dovi's had his chance and seems to be more at home on the Yamaha, so I doubt he's coming back to Honda.


Crutchlow also seems to have found pace on the Y. However, he might be interested if Honda is interested. Still, from what I've seen, he's a bit full of himself, although that was when he got into SBK. I haven't read much of what he's had to say lately.


Bradl? Seems quick. Keeps it up on two wheels. But is he fast enough and won't that put him in the way of Marquez, whom Spanish sponsor Repsol wants after he's done with Moto2 this year and his satelite team year in 2013.


VR going back to Honda would be a great move for both. A two-year deal, with Dani in the second seat next year, and Marquez there being schooled by the master in 2014. But it's going to take some crow eating from Honda.


Let the rumors, the opinions and the prognostications begin!!!

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Oh yes, the best race so far this season - up until the Crutch and Dovi crashes second could have gone to any one of four riders.



I think the Duc is too-stiff, the wet allows the bike to slide round a bit and feel softer.




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Vale was gifted a lot of time with the back marker slowing Stoner down, but I think he still would have caught and passed Casey. We'll see what happens with the Duc engine at Laguna....


What amazes me is the Tech3 team, running at and near the front all season, ahead of more than just the Duc factory bikes.


Spies almost fell off at the start, and yeah, mebbe he's having head problems, mebbe not. Hayden wasn't much better. If Ben doesn't improve, I see Crutchlow in his seat next year. Maybe he'll go back to WSBK. Maybe we'll find out about all this in the fall.



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Spies almost fell off at the start, and yeah, mebbe he's having head problems, mebbe not. Hayden wasn't much better.

I read there was oil or something on the right hand side of the track just past the starting grid. It caused DePuniet to crash at the start and almost got Spies and Hayden.

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I watched Casey Stoner's retirement speech. I'm not sure what he was talking about when he mentioned the changes in MotoGP this year. Other than going to liter engines, what was he talking about?

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