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Great retirement plan for a poor man


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Dont sweat it if you are nearing retirement and don't have a dime. Here's the plan....

Get $500 for a ticket to norway. Go to the nearest bank and rob it. Wait for the police.

They will put you in jail. But you will have your own room, private bathroom, a computer and a tv.. Access to the gym, and library and game room .. Some beautiful leggy blond guards. No downside. Ya gotta admit its a great plan

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Peter Parts

I suppose you could post more light-hearted fun about Norway or spoil everybody's laugh by comparing the disfunctional US "correctional" system to what is done in the rest of the world.



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I don't think we ever hung bank robbers, if nobody was killed. Horse thieves got hung when they left someone afoot, which could be equivalent to murder, when the victim was far from help.

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Yep, you canuckians are certainly morally superior when compared the hicks to your south.

And seldom miss a chance to try to make the point.



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4wheeldog, I can't agree more. I don't remember a post where anyone here criticized Canada or other coutry with regularity some of our Canadian friend do the U.S. Maybe our manners aren't that bad after all.

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MT Wallet: Don't let it bother you -- just recognize it as the grumblings of the country that has tried to grow in our shadow. :shrug:


Say, d'ya know how every Canadian joke starts?

A: "Canuck, Canuck..."



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